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Teri Dillion on GROUP work!

Podcast Preview:

In the newest episode of the Group Dynamics Dispatch Angelo speaks with therapist, group leader, and author Teri Dillion about her experience living and learning from ALS.

Their moving conversation explores the nature of grief, its paradoxical relationship to humor, and the powerful life lessons it reveals when met with companionship and witnessing. They also discuss our inherent need for storytelling and the complex feelings that great books, music, and poetry helps evoke and integrate.  

Finally, Teri shares the powerful process that unfolded for her as she wrote her memoir, “No Pressure, No Diamonds: Mining For Gifts In Illness & Loss”. Listen in to this powerful conversation today!

Listen in to this powerful conversation today!

Before retiring from clinical practice, Teri Dillion, LPC LAC CGP worked as a therapist and group leader in wide variety of settings - including court ordered residential treatment, the Boulder County Jail, and private practice. With a specialty for treating individuals struggling with addictions and dual diagnosis, Teri integrated various forms of group process to meet the therapeutic needs of her clients.  A founding member of our affiliate society, Teri frequently presented at our annual Fall Conference and also taught Large Group Process at Naropa University. All of this changed however when she was diagnosed with ALS in 2016. After a period of maintaining her clinical practice, Teri retired in order to focus on excavating and writing about the lessons of terminal illness & disability. Honored with the 2019 Distinguished Member Award by FCPGS, Teri briefly returned to group leadership last year when she co-lead the Large Group Process at our Fall Conference. Her first book and memoir, “No Pressure, No Diamonds: Mining For Gifts In Illness & Loss” is set to be released November 16th.

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